Pink Salt


The pink salt is a complex food full of depurative properties and that balance the organism. It is obtained from deposits that only exist in 4 parts of the world, Himalayas, Poland, Peru and Bolivia.

It contains 84 healthy compounds for the body and, in addition, it is a main source of electrolytes and trace elements that help improve the functioning of several vital systems of the body.

In fact, due to its interesting composition, it has therapeutic and cosmetic applications, especially to relax the body and renew the skin.

Benefits of the Pink Salt

This benefit is attributed to its contribution of up to 10 different types of trace elements that, when assimilated in the body, help to stimulate the functions that control the level of fluids in the tissues.

A small amount of pink salt diluted in water can serve as an alkaline remedy to reduce excess acidity in the blood. Its essential minerals help to restore the natural pH of the organism, avoiding inflammatory reactions and chronic diseases.

For its contribution of antioxidants and electrolytes, this natural ingredient is an ally to increase the level of physical and mental energy naturally. Diluted in water, or added in juices and smoothies, improves the oxygenation of the cells, strengthens the muscles and activates the brain for optimal performance.

By neutralizing the negative action of acids in the digestive system, this organic salt helps improve the process of absorption of nutrients from food. Its nutrients strengthen the bacterial flora of the intestine and improve the ability to separate and remove waste that the body does not need.

Too much sodium in the diet can raise blood pressure levels and, therefore, affect heart function. Despite this, the sal rosada has the ability to control hypertension, since its minerals regulate sodium levels and stabilize the heartbeat.

Due to its relaxing and anti-inflammatory action, this ingredient is ideal to combat the weakness of the walls and valves of superficial veins. Minerals that are absorbed through the skin optimize the passage of blood through veins and capillaries, preventing irritation or dilation. On the other hand, it has the ability to improve the functions of the lymphatic system, preventing toxins from interfering with circulation.

The minerals contained in this natural product are useful to improve the treatment of migraine, even in a matter of minutes. Its assimilation in the organism promotes the segregation of serotonin, a hormone that reduces pain and promotes well-being. This, added to its anti-inflammatory effect, calms the tension of the muscles in the head and diminishes the headaches.

The external application of these salts diluted in water is an alternative treatment that removes excess mucus in the nasal passages to control congestion. Its minerals clean the clogged ducts and, by decreasing inflammation, relieves the breathing difficulties they cause.

For its granulated texture, these salts can be combined with essential oils or honey to enjoy a natural exfoliant with antimicrobial and astringent properties. Its application as a homemade mask helps to clean the pores of the skin, removing the remains of sebum and dead cells that form pimples of acne. Its minerals nourish the cells of the face and favor the regeneration of the tissues to avoid imperfections such as scars and blemishes

The trace elements of this natural salt are a muscular tonic that helps prevent and calm cramps. These nutrients relax the contracted muscles and, by improving blood flow, prevent them from suffering during high-impact activities.