Camu Camu


The camu camu is a tree that grows in different areas of the Amazon rainforest, more specifically in Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. In these places their leaves and fruits are used for the treatment of different diseases. For this reason, I invite you to know some properties of this wonderful product of nature.


The fruit of camu camu contains large amounts of vitamin C. Some argue that it has antiviral properties, perfect to fight diseases such as cold sores, shingles and the common cold. Others say that the Myrciaria dubia (scientific name of camu camu) provides a reinforcement of natural energy, ideal to treat ailments of the eyes and gums.

Benefits of Camu Camu

Improve the functions of your body and gum problems. Having a high content of vitamin C (60 times more of this vitamin than an orange), makes it sensational for you to strengthen your body.

Excellent for the proper functioning of the heart and kidneys. Remember that for every 100 grams of camu camu, 7.1 milligrams are potassium (active compound of this fruit).

If you consume camu camu can significantly improve the digestive process of your body. Thanks to serine, composed of camu camu, you will have a better functioning of digestion in your body.

Thanks to the flavonoids present in the camu camu you can face the signs of aging. These compounds work in your body as antioxidants, dramatically neutralizing free radicals, the main drivers of youth loss.

With the camu camu you can stimulate the immune system. This fruit contributes to the detoxification of this system, making your body work well, obtaining the necessary nutrients to maintain homeostasis and thus be able to defend yourself against these invaders.

This natural wonder is perfect to protect your body against different viral and bacterial infections. According to experts, camu camu is effective against herpes and other viral-type ailments.

It is interesting that this jungle fruit protects your brain against different degenerative diseases that can afflict it. The camu camu helps to block the accumulation of plaque in the brain which could lead to different diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In the same way, it improves concentration and avoids “brain fogs”.

Camu camu helps prevent cancer. Thanks to its antioxidant properties this fruit is a powerful defense against this disease.

Those who consume camu camu juice can generate a positive response to inflammation. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, this juice helps block the formation of inflamed areas in the body.

The camu camu provides an ideal support for the generation of collagen (due to its high levels of vitamin C) which benefits the formation of ligaments and tendons.