Yacon is a plant that has the property of increasing the production of insulin from the pancreas, so that blood sugar levels are reduced, allowing the caloric expenditure to be obtained from other sources, that is, from proteins and fats, in this way cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood are also reduced.

Yacon is best known for people who suffer from diabetes, but few know that this plant can also help reduce excess pounds and even save the benefit within its multiple properties of taking care of the health of the colon.

Benefits of Yacón

  • It helps solve kidney and bladder problems. It helps to improve the problems of the urinary system, as well as cystitis, nephrosis, etc.
  • Improves and balances the digestion of food and the functioning of the intestinal flora.
  • The Yacon, due to its high curative content, reduces the levels of glucose and sucrose helps to eliminate the bacteria that weaken and mistreat the body.
  • Yacon leaves produce and normalize blood sugar levels.
  • It is of great benefit for diabetics in diets that serve to lose weight, reduce body fat and arterial.
  • It is quite low in calories and sugar that can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • It is an antioxidant, which frees the body of toxins, free radicals and toxins..
  • It is an antibacterial, because it releases the organism from bacteria that produce common diseases such as colds and stomach ailments, or serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • It is a liver protector; reduces the risks of hepatitis and the entire digestive system, accelerating and normalizing its functionality.